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Eat Local, Grow Local, Herb Local 

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Artisan Apothecary

Emily Springer

Plants First

I grew up in a family that looked to plants first for healing and nourishment.  As I grew into an adult I became passionate about growing my own food as medicine.  As a mother of twins that became even more important.   

Close your Eyes and Jump

My career after college focused on financial services for 20 years.  The year I turned 40 I took a huge leap!    I left my big financial job and founded Infusion Herb Company, with the goal of bringing herbs into the mainstream of Maine family life.

Eat Local, Grow Local, Herb Local

We are a farming family.  We value the land and our interaction with it, plants & animals.  My vision is to make herbal therapys available, enjoyable, to make plants the first place you go - not your last resort.  Join me!

Eat Local, Grow Local, Herb Local

Artisan Apothecary


As an artisan apothecary we are Farm to Table - or tea as the case may be.  Our herbs are grown at our family farm Meeting house farm.  We make our favorite most used blends to share herbs with you!  We also will make a custom blend as directed by your herbalist, naturopath or after phone consult.



Biodynamic refers to an entire farming system that emphasizes the relationship of soil, plants and animals in one unified system.  It is considered the most holistic form of organic farming.  Biodynamic farmers avoid all synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers.  They stress farm generated living solutions to fertility and pest control.

Grow Local, Eat Local, Herb Local


We are passionate about local- we make our elixirs from locally distilled organic alcohol, we add local honey from happy Portland Maine Bees.  We grow our herbs right here in Maine at Meeting House Farm.  It stands to reason that the freshest food and the freshest herbs make the best medicine.



Do your Tisanes contain caffeine?  

  • There is no caffeine in any of the herbs that we grow.  All Tisanes are caffeine free. 

What the heck is a Tisane?

  • It is an herbal tea blend that is infused in boiling water.  You probably would call it an Herbal Tea BUT technically Teas have caffeine so we used the old word for herbal blend - Tisane.